Precision Main Bearing M314H for MAZDA S2 E2200,B2200

Short Description:

Other Ref.Number: MS-1181GP, M8380
Suitable for :MAZDA E2200,B2200
Material: Copper Alloy
Warranty Period: 100000 KMS
Packaging: 10 Pcs/Set

Manufacturing Tolerance
1.Wall Thickness : ≤ 0.008 mm
2.Width : ≤ 0.1 mm
3.Half Perimeter : ≤ 0.03 mm
4.Interface Roughness : ≤ 1.6 ra

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Processing Steps:

Cutting→Stamping→Chamfering→Chisell Locking Lip→Punch Holes→Draw bench →Broaching Oil Groove→Precision Boring→qc→Rust Proof→Packing

This is one complete set engine bearing for MAZDA E2200,B2200 .It is usually copper based material with tin-plating.

Engine bearings are one of the most important parts of the engine and require the utmost precision during production. High quality engine bearings can extend the life of an engine. It is with this in mind that CNSUDA have developed their range of engine bearings. Quality testing of raw materials and random testing through the production process ensure that the finished product we put in our boxes is a perfect fit.
Processing Steps

Suitable for MAZDA

SD-24001 PB,PC,TA,TB CONROD R303A CB-1082A R8125A 48.020 8
SD-24002 PB,TA,TB MAIN M303A MS-1082GP M8126A 60.020 10
SD-24003 PC,TC MMN G10A MS-1113GP MO28A 67.020 10
SD-24004 NA,VB(E2000) CONROD R304A CB-1141A R8102A R8130A 56.020 8
SD-24005 MA,VB(B1800,T200 0) CONROD R305A CB-1086A R8145A 56.020 8
SD-24006 NA,MA,VC, VB(B1600) MAIN M304A MS-1114A M8133A 67.020 1()
SD-24007 XA,XB,ZB (r12500,E2700) CONROD RP307H CB-1075GP R8400K 60.840 8
SD-24008 MAIN M307H MS-2000GP M8400K 74.090 10
SD-24009 UAVA MAIN M311A MS-1141A M802A 67.020 6
SD-24010 HA,SL (E3000,T3500) K3500 CONROD R312A CB-1153GP R8360K R8370A 64.850 8
SD-24011 MAIN M312A MS-1153GP M8360A 80.900 10
SD-24012 E1„TC,E3,E5 ,UC(323,E1400) CONROD R313A CB-1168A R809A 43.020 8
SD-24013 MAIN M313A MS-2008A MS-1168A M822A2 54.019 10
SD-24014 S2(E2200,B2200) KIA CONROD R314H CB-1181GP M8380 69.02 10
SD-24015 MAIN M314H MS-1181GP M8380 K7ZO-11-SGO 69.020 10
SD-24016 F6,F8,FE,RF,R2 CONROD R315A CB-2007A       R8419A 54.020 8
SD-24017 CONROD R336A CB-2004A R8111A 54.020 8
SD-24018 F6,F8,FE MAIN M315A MS-2004A M8111A 54.02 8
SD-24019 R2,RF MAIN M316A MS-2007A M8418A 64.020 10
SD-24020 F6,F8,FE,FR,R2 MAIN M322A MS-2009A M8112A 64.020 10
SD-24021 B1,B3,B5,B6,B6- T,BP/J CONROD R317A CB-2008A R8108A 48.020 8
SD-24022 MAIN  M317A    MS-2012A    MS-2012A 54 10
SD-24023 PN CONROD R324A CB-2013A R8416A 52.020 8
SD-24024 MAIN M324A MS-2013A       M8416A 60.020 10
SD-24025 FSFP CONROD R325A CB-2018A R8417A 51.020 8
SD-24026 MAIN M325A MS-2018A M8417A 60.02 10
SD-24027 KL-ZE CONROD R323H CB-2017GP R8412A 56.020 12
SD-24028 TF ™ MAIN M326A MS-2014A M8350A 84.120 10
SD-24029 CONROD R326A CB-2014A R8350A 68.120 8
SD-24030 WL MAIN M327A MS-2016A M8410A 71.020 10
SD-24031 CONROD R327A CB-2016A R8410A 58.020 8

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