Superior Conrod Bearing R202H for HINO DM100, DQ100

Short Description:

Other Ref.Number:R1032K, CB-1059GP
Suitable for :Hino DM100, DQ100
Material: Copper. Alloy
Warranty Period: 100000 KMS
Packaging: 12 Pcs/Set

Manufacturing Tolerance
1.Wall Thickness : ≤ 0.008 mm
2.Width : ≤ 0.1 mm
3.Half Perimeter : ≤ 0.03 mm
4.Interface Roughness : ≤ 1.6 ra

Product Detail

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Processing Steps:

Cutting→Stamping→Chamfering→Chisell Locking Lip→Punch Holes→Draw bench →Broaching Oil Groove→Precision Boring→QC→Rust Proof→Packing

This is one complete set engine bearing for DM100, DQ100 .It is usually copper based material with tin-plating.

Engine bearings are one of the most important parts of the engine and require the utmost precision during production. High quality engine bearings can extend the life of an engine. It is with this in mind that CNSUDA have developed their range of engine bearings. Quality testing of raw materials and random testing through the production process ensure that the finished product we put in our boxes is a perfect fit.
Processing Steps

Suitable for HINO 

SD-12001 DS50/60/70/80 CONROD R201H R1100K CB-1039GP 81.020 12
SD-12002 MAIN M201H M1100K MS-1038GP 96.020 14
SD-12003 DM100,DQ100 CONROD R202II R1032K CB-1059GP 59.000 12
SD-12004 MAIN M202H M1032K MS-1059GP 71.000 14
SD-12005 EB100/EB200ZB300 CONROD R204H2 R1122K CB-2100GP 81.020 12
SD-12006 MAIN M204H1 M1120K MS-1079GP 101.020 14
SD-12007 EC100 CONROD R205H1 R145K1 CB-1081GP 64.000 12
SD-12008 MAIN M205H M1149K MS-1140GP 79.000 14
SD-12009 ED100ZED100-T CONROD R207H1 R1U2K CB-2104GP 85.020 12
SD-12010 MAIN M2HH M1110K MS-H49GP 106.020 14
SD-12011 EF100ZEF100- CONROD R210H1 R1127K1 CB-1144GP 89.030 16
SD-12012 T/EF300 MAIN M210H1 M127K1 MS-1144GP 111.020 10
SD-12013 EH10 CONROD R206H1 R1148K CB-1165GP 67.000 12
SD-12014 EII500/EII700 CONROD R208II R] MOK CB-2101GP 69.000 12
SD-12015 EH 100/300, EH500/700 MAIN M208H M1149K MS-1140GP 79.000 14
SD-12016 EK100/EK200 CONROD R214H R1106K CB-2102GP 89.030 12
SD-12017 MAIN M214H M106K MS-2102GP 96.020 14
SD-12018 EL100 CONROD R215H R137K CB-2103GP 77.030 12
SD-12019 EP100/100-T,EL100 EMI 00 MAIN M215H M1143K MS-2103GP 96.020 14
SD-12020 EP100EP100-T CONROD R221H R143K CB-2106GP 80.030 12
SD-12021 EP100EP100-T CONROD R222H R142K CB-2113GP 80.030 12
SD-12022 EM100 CONROD R223H R138K CB-2106GP 80.030 12
SD-12023 W04D CONROD R216H R133K CB-2109GP 66.000 8
SD-12024 MAIN M216H M133K MS-2109GP 78.000 10
SD-12025 W06D,W06D-T CONROD R217H R134K CB-2110GP 66.000 12
SD-12026 MAIN M217H M134K MS-2110GP 78.000 14
SD-12027 H06C/H07C/H07D CONROD R218H R109K CB-2111GP 69.000 12
SD-12028 MAIN M218H M1108K MS-2108GP 85.000 14
SD-12029 H07D CONROD R224H R1113K CB-2115GP 69.000 12
SD-12030 EF500/EF750 CONROD R220H1 R123K CB-2107GP 89.030 16
SD-12031 MAIN M220H1 M123K MS-2107GP 116.020 10

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