Precision Engine Main Bearing M121H for Mitsubishi

Short Description:

Other Ref.Number: ME999384, MS-1807GP, M6029K
Suitable for :Mitsubishi 4D30, 4D31, 4D32, 4D34
Material: Copper Alloy
Warranty Period: 100000 KMS
Packaging: 10 Pcs/Set

Product Detail

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Manufacturing Tolerance:

1.Wall Thickness : ≤ 0.008 mm
2.Width : ≤ 0.1 mm
3.Half Perimeter : ≤ 0.03 mm
4.Interface Roughness : ≤ 1.6 ra

Processing Steps:

Cutting→Stamping→Chamfering→Chisell Locking Lip→Punch Holes→Draw bench →Broaching Oil Groove→Precision Boring→QC→Rust Proof→Packing

This is one complete set engine bearing for Mitsubishi 4D30,4D31, 4D31-T, 4D32.It is usually copper based material with tin-plating.

Engine bearings are one of the most important parts of the engine and require the utmost precision during production. High quality engine bearings can extend the life of an engine. It is with this in mind that CNSUDA have developed their range of engine bearings. Quality testing of raw materials and random testing through the production process ensure that the finished product we put in our boxes is a perfect fit.
Processing Steps

Suitable for MITSUBISHI

SD-26001 4G41 4G42 KE43 KE44 KE46 MAIN M103H MS-1024GP M7268A 68.020 6
SD-26002 CONROD R103LI CB-1025GP R7268K 58.010 8
SD-26003 6DB1,6BD1O CONROD R106H CB-1037GP R6302K 81.020 12
SD-26004 MAIN M106H MS-1036GP M602K1 96.020 14
SD-26005 6DC2 6DC20 MAIN MP107H2 M1-1147GP MP6305K 106.022 8
SD-26006 CONROD RP107H3 C1-1073GP RP6305K 90.022 12
SD-26007 6DS1 6DS3 6DS5 6DS7 6DS70 6DS10 6DS30 6DS50 MAIN M108H3 MS-1808GP M6331K 82.020 14
SD-26008 CONROD R108H CB-1808GP R6018K 64.020 12
SD-26009 4DR5 CONROD R109H CB-1812GP R6051K 62.020 8
SD-26010 MAIN M109H MS-1812GP M6050K 74.020 10
SD-26011 6DR5 6DR5O MAIN Mil OH MS-1813GP M6052K 74.020 14
SD-26012 CONROD R110H CB-1813GP R6052K 62.020 12
SD-26013 4G30,32,33,63,4D65 CONROD R111A CB-1085A R7265A 48.020 8
SD-26014 MAIN M111A2 MS-1821A M7280A 61.020 10
SD-26015 6D10,61)14,61)15 CONROD RU2H CB-1820GP R6321K 69.020 12
SD-26016 6D15-T,6D16 CONROD R129H CB-1820GP 69.020 12
SD-26017 6D14,6D15 , 6D15-T,6D16 MAIN M112H1 MS-1145GP M6320K 85.020 14
SD-26018 4D55,4G52,4G53, 4G54 CONROD R113A CB-1131A R7270A 56.020 8
SD-26019 4D55,4G54(OLD) MAIN M113A3 MS-1131A M7277A 70.020 10
SD-26020 4G52,4G53(NEW) MAIN M118A MS-1819A M7275A 64.020 10
SD-26021 6D22,6D23,6D22-T CONROD R115H CB-1803GP R609K 90.020 12
SD-26022 CONROD R125H CB-1803GP       R609K 90.020 12
SD-26023 MAIN M115H MS-1162GP M6308K 106.020 14
SD-26024 4DQ3 4DQ5 4DQ11 4DQ50 MAIN M116H M623K 69.020 6
SD-26025 CONROD R116H R623K 61.020 8
SD-26026 4G11,4G12,4G15 4G13 CONROD R119A CB-1169A       R7263A 45.020 8
SD-26027 4G13B CONROD R130A CB-1825A R7264A 45.020 8
SD-26028 4G11,4G12,4G13R, 4G15 MAIN M119A MS-1818A M7264A 52.020 10
SD-26029 4D30,41)31,41)32 CONROD R121H CB-1807GP K6029K 64.020 8
SD-26030 4D34 CONROD R122H CB-1830GP       R6032K 69.020 8
SD-26031 4D30,4D31,4D32, 4D34 MAIN M121H M117H1 MS-1807GP M6029K 82.020 10
SD-26032 8DC10 8DC11 8DC9 9DC9-1 CONROD R124H1 CB-1804GP R6317K 95.020 16
SD-26033 8DC4,8DC40,8DC6, 8DC7,8DC70,8DC2, 8DC20,8DC80 CONROD RP114H1 CB-1147GP R6307K 90.020 16
SD-26034 MAIN MP107H2 MS-1147GP      M6314K 106.020 10
SD-26035 2G23 G23B 2G25 CONROD R120A CB-1800A R7073A 43.020 4
SD-26036 MAIN Ml 20 A MS-1820A M7074A 47.020 6
SD-26037 6G71,6G72 CONROD R123A CB-1822A R7708A 53,020 12
SD-26038 MAIN M123A1 MS-1822A M7285A 64.020 8
SD-26039 3G81 3G82 3G83 MAIN M127A MS-1824A M7061A 44.020 8
SD-26040 CONROD R127A1 CB-1824A R7061A 39.020 6
SD-26041 S2E,S3E,S4E,S6E CONROD RP128H CB-1826GP RP625K 62.020 4
SD-26042 MAIN MP128H MS-1826GP MP625K 79.020 6
SD-26043 S4KJS6K CONROD RP131H C1-1833GP RP624K 64.020 2
SD-26044 MAIN MP131H Ml -1833GP MP624K 95.020 2
SD-26045 6D31,6D31.T CONROD R132H CB-1808GP R6331K 64.020 12
SD-26046 MAIN M132H MS-1808GP M6331K 82.020 14
SD-26047 4M40 CONROD R133H CB-1832GP R7800K 58.020 8
SD-26048 MAIN M133H MS-1832GP M7800K 72.020 10
SD-26049 4G91,4G92,4G93 CONROD R135A CB-1828A R7200A 48.020 8
SD-26050 MAIN M135A MS-1828A M7200A 54.020 10
SD-26051 4G64,4Gi63(NEW) HYUNDAI/KIA CONROD R136A CB-1827A R7281A 48.020 8
SD-26052 MAIN M136A MS-1827A M7281A 61.020 10
SD-26053 41)68 MAIN M137H MS-1844GP M7283K 6L020 10
SD-26054 CONROD G137H CID844GP R7O3K 4&020 8
SD-26055 6G74 MAIN M138H MS-1842A M7268A 68.010 8
SD-26056 CONROD R138H CB-1842A R7286A 58.010 8

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