Superior Quality Main Bearing M412A for 4D94E Engine

Short Description:

Other Ref.Number: YM1299900-02801, MS-1124GP
Suitable for :KOMATSU 4D94E
Material: Alum. Alloy
Warranty Period: 100000 KMS
Packaging: 10 Pcs/Set

Product Detail

Product Tags

Manufacturing Tolerance:

1.Wall Thickness : ≤ 0.015 mm
2.Width : ≤ 0.1 mm
3.Half Perimeter : ≤ 0.03 mm
4.Interface Roughness : ≤ 1.6 ra”

Processing Steps:

Cutting→Stamping→Chamfering→Chisell Locking Lip→Punch Holes→Draw bench →Broaching Oil Groove→Precision Boring→QC→Rust Proof→Packing

This is one complete set engine bearing for KOMATSU 4D94E .It is usually Alum. based material with tin-plating.


1.Competitive price.
2.High quality guaranteed: one year.
3.Specializing in engine parts for more than 20years
4.Standard and oversize all can supply.
5.Save your time, save your Money.

Packaging & shipping & payment

1.packing according to clients.
2.30% deposit before production, balance payment can be discussed.
3.Lead time depend on actual situation,we would try our best to push order and info you
4.Delivery by Air, Sea, Train, Car

Engine bearings are one of the most important parts of the engine and require the utmost precision during production. High quality engine bearings can extend the life of an engine. It is with this in mind that CNSUDA have developed their range of engine bearings. Quality testing of raw materials and random testing through the production process ensure that the finished product we put in our boxes is a perfect fit.
Processing Steps

Suitable for KOMATSU

SD-18001 4D120 15TYPE 4D130-1 CONROD R401H R852K CB-1067GP 81.020 8
SD-18002 MAIN M401H M852K MS-1067GP 102.020 10
SD-18003 6D130 CUMMINS NH220 CONROD R402H R880K CB-1077GP 83.130 12
SD-18004 MAIN M402H M880K MS-1077GP 120.650 14
SD-18005 4D92-1 4D92-2 CONROD R403H R856K CB-1125GP 64.020 8
SD-18006 MAIN M403H M856K MS-1125GP 75.020 ]0
SD-18007 4D105-5 S4D 105-5 CONROD R404A R859K CB-2604GP 70.020 8
SD-18008 MAIN M404A M859K MS-2604GP 91.020 10
SD-18009 4D105-3 MAIN MS-1146GP 88.000 10
SD-18010 4D105-3 CONROD R404A        R858K CB-2604GP 6130-31-3040 70.000 8
SD-18011 6D105-1 S6D105-1 SA6D110-1 CONROD R405A R865K CB-2601GP 70.020 12
SD-18012 MAIN M405A M865K MS-2601GP 91.020 14
SD-18013 855 CUMMINS CONROD R406H R881K 84.240 12
SD-18014 4D94 4D94-2 MAIN M407H M857K 75.019 10
SD-18015 4D95L 4D95S CONROD R408H R888K CB-2608GP 61.020 8
SD-18016 MAIN M408H M888K MS-2608GP 74.020 10
SD-18017 6D95L CONROD R409H R890K CB-2607GP 61.020 12
SD-18018 MAIN M409H M890K MS-2607GP 74.020 ]4
SD-18019 6D125 CONROD R4UH R892K CB-2612GP 85.020 12
SD-18020 MAIN M411H M892K MS-2612GP 116.020 14
SD-18021 4D94E CONROD R412A CB-1124GP 6L010 8

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